Making Soap From Soap Scraps – Don't Let Those Shards Go To Waste

Making soap from soap scraps is an easy way to recycle your soap remnants. We are going to talk about three ways to go about making soap from soap scraps. Milling Your Soap Scraps Is One

You Won’t Believe What Has Happened!

To my daughter & her son at the #LindoLakesPark in Lakeside California! And on top of all of this, the gofundme account got suspended!

You can get the details about what happened and make contributions through this facebook note.

Fundraiser by Jill Prest Hart : Venessa Falk Legal Defense

Jill Prest Hart needs your help today! Venessa Falk Legal Defense – This is the event: December 2, 2017 At 2pm I arrived at the Lindo Lake skatepark, in Lakeside, with my 8-year-old son Kolbin. I was taking him there as a reward for an academic achievement. I was very uneasy with the idea of taking Kolbin because I have heard stories of people (my friends and t…